About Us


TPG Group is a Romanian firm, specializing in the Romanian market of Financial Advisory.
It has been in its current form since 2009, after evolving from a niche advisory firm, acquiring an established Accounting firm and transforming into a reputable Tier 2 firm.

The inception of TPG was driven by the apparent necessity of the local business world to reinvent itself in order to overcome the financial crisis and adapt to the new market requirements. TPG stands out for its exceptional knowledge of the financial and tax situation in Romania and is aware of the challenges companies face in a fluid and dynamic market such as Romania’s.

We are an association of professionals with diverse background and the objective to provide solutions to our clients that will help them improve corporate efficiency, reduce costs and control their business governance structure and operations.

We have a strong professional network which in many cases on its own assists our clients and partners in achieving their goals and expanding their prospects.
We have solid ties in the local banking sector that may come in handy for newcomers or clients in need. We have excellent referrals from clients and partners from the market in which we operate in.


Second rank among accounting firms in Bucharest

Distinction awarded by CECCAR in 2015. Our company, TPG Accounting Practice SRL of the TPG Group was awarded by CECCAR (The Body of Chartered Certified Accountants of Romania) the diploma for the second best accounting firm in Bucharest and the special prize at national level for the year 2015.

Fifth rank among accounting firms in Bucharest

Distinction awarded by CECCAR in 2013. Our company, TPG Accounting Practice SRL of the TPG Group was awarded by CECCAR (The Body of Chartered Certified Accountants of Romania) the diploma for the fifth best accounting firm in Bucharest

Our Methodology

We tend to be selective on our clients base. Our aim is to cooperate with clients with whom we:

  • share the client’s vision
  • have coherent values
  • enjoy a mutual level of trust
  • hold a quality level communication

We are particularly happy and proud to have created a brand for the TPG name in our professional environment. Our differentiation from the large well-known advisory and auditing firms is our flexibility and swiftness in execution, our personal attention and focus on our clients, and evidently our balanced and reasonable pricing policy.

We avoid mass standardized services, but rather individualize our service by putting personal involvement and care into our work. We do not follow the tactic of training and developing our juniors on the clients’ expense but we rather opt to support our clients with skilled teams of the appropriate experience level, and train our junior associates next to our seniors or within our own environment.

We keep our client/employee ratio low in order to maintain our excellence in the services we offer and our availability towards them.

TPG to clients means trust and care.

TPG to the industry means standards.

Specialization & Focus

Our business model provides for the opportunity to combine a unique canvas of skill mix and experience which is put in the service of multiple clients that cannot individually attain such a capability.
Our objective is to become the preferred and trusted provider of corporate and financial services implementing best practice standard and engaging at the highest level of confidentiality and professional integrity.

We take pride in our work and we believe we provide the highest quality of results within the Romanian market in which we operate.

The areas which we highly specialize in are:

  • Accounting Services
  • Audit Services
  • Audit of EU financed projects
  • Due Diligence
  • Tax Reviews and Advisory Services
  • Financial Reporting Services – Statutory and IFRS
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Financial Advisory & Management Services

All of the following reasons below are what we bring to projects and make us stand out as preferred vendors and partners:

Our values: The three value pillars which are the basis upon which we support our entity incorporate:

  • Professional Reputation & Integrity: We pride an impeccable reputation whilst we remain professionally independent in all the work we do and treat all client information with the strictest confidentiality.
  • Mutual Trust: Our success is linked with our clients success by conducting all business dealings fairly and honestly and by maintaining the highest ethical standards. We at all times avoid conflict of interest or any other improper or unethical conduct.
  • Absolute Quality: We maintain the highest personal and professional standards, delivering on our promises and commitments.

Our Experience: The valuable experience on local regulations and practices, combined with our knowledge of requirements and mentalities of multinational corporations provide the critical mix necessary to achieve the success of our task.

Our Reliability & Attitude: We have a proven record of focusing on our clients’ success. We will listen critically to your business needs and targets, and we will ensure you that we will act accordingly and timely with your organization’s interest as our foremost purpose. In short, you can be confident in knowing that we deliver on what we promise.

Our Team: We value our relationship with our clients/partners. You can rest assured that we will bring our best resources so as to provide you with the right level of support for your project. Our team comprises of a talent of more than 35 high caliber individuals including partners and managers with strong multinational and local experience.

Our Partner Network: We have established a network of partners each one of whom has been selected after an extensive screening process. Any of our partners engaged as the case may be, would bring to any project definite value added.

Our Differentiation: We cover nearly all operational facets a ‘big four’ advisory firm provides, offering a wide spectrum of services, but we possess the competitive advantage of differing in some key factors:

  • our flexibility and swiftness in execution
  • our continuous utilization of experienced resources
  • our personal attention and focus on our clients
  • our balanced and reasonable pricing policy
TPG Team

Our company’s values and commitment is based on our professionals’ dedication, expertise and personality. We are glad to invest in our employees’ professional development, thus building a formidable team that can best serve our clients’ needs.

Our work force comprises of:

  • Certified Accountants (CECCAR)
  • Certified Tax Consultants (CCFR)
  • Certified Auditors (CAFR)
  • Financial Controllers
  • Business Administration Professionals
  • Business Development Professionals

The firm’s Partners’ and Senior Management’ skills and experience, acquired through both local and international exposure, is TPG’s asset. We believe in providing customer satisfaction through united effort, with services that are based on proven systems and processes, which are further customized to meet the individual client’s specific objectives.

For a full profile, please click below on each name.

  • Vassilis Voulgaris, Founding Partner – Head of Advisory
  • Dana Cornea, Founding Partner – Head of Accounting
  • Simona Balan, Partner – Head of Audit
  • Stratos Angelinos, Senior Advisor
  • Alexandru Chirigiu, collaborating Principal Consultant
  • Mariana Radu, collaborating Accounting & Tax Senior Manager
  • Florina Aparaschivei, Accounting & Tax Senior Manager
  • Roxana Daiciulescu, Audit Manager
  • Stefan Predescu, collaborating Senior Consultant
Our Team