Our clients range from a wide variety of industries and sectors, and with a diverse set of backgrounds, numbering more than 50. We work closely with large corporations/groups, SME’s, multinationals, entrepreneurs as well as with individuals/freelancers.

The clients that have the profile of ambitious entrepreneurs are faced with a wide range of challenges and therefore require levels of skill and competence in the handling of their corporate affairs that cannot be built internally.

They are continuously exploring new innovative ideas, seeking new markets and engage in cross-border transactions. The Practice Group will help them establish their ownership and corporate structures, govern and control their organizations and will represent them in their joint transactions.

Our relationship with our clients is therefore transformed in a partnership wherein we are working together to understand their concerns, to develop their strategy and implement it. We always try to reach the perfect balance between friendly involvement and impartial, firm guidance.

We are excited to have excellent referrals from our clients, partners and associates. We tend to be selective on our client base and our aim is to cooperate with clients with whom we:

  • share their vision
  • have coherent values
  • enjoy a mutual level of trust
  • hold a quality level of communication



Our Clients, by industry