Partnerships & Associates

Businesses today face complex environments that continuously evolve and transform. No single source of advice can be considered sufficient in order to achieve excellence in client service and support. In TPG we believe in the power of collaborative platforms.

We believe that our three values of Professional Reputation & Integrity, Mutual Trust, and Absolute Quality are the pillars of a successful cooperation between partners offering premium quality complementary services, other than our own competencies of Accounting, Tax, Auditing, Reporting and Consulting.

Thus we pursued and forged strong and trusting partnerships with top of the range service providers that together can form a competent task force that can provide total service solutions. For any complementary services which we do not maintain in-house, we have made an extensive market search and partnered with the best in class. This means that we have selected key partners after meticulously scrutinizing their values, specs and quality, and thus exchanging networks and combining services for customer value and efficiency.

Besides the acknowledged teams listed below, TPG also cooperates with specific high valued individuals practicing in the field of investment banking and financial advisory.

Following is a list of our major associates in various areas of expertise: