TPG Romania Group finished 2016 with an EUR 1 million turnover, a plus compared to 2015

On a very fragmented market with a high competiveness as it is the financial services’ one in Romania, TPG Romania Group ended the 2016 fiscal year with a turnover that surpassed the EUR 1 million mark, reaching RON 4.937.664, showing a growth of 5% compared to 2015. At the same time, TPG Romania Group registered in 2016 a profit of over 8% on the turnover.

“2016 has been the year TPG Romania Group consolidated its presence on the local financial services market, from all points of view: it integrated the audit service in the range of financial services it offers, it consolidated the clients’ portfolio up to 90 clients, from the most diverse industries and it enlarged its team. Now, in 2017, we want to put the accent on winning new clients that activate on the fields where TPG already has strong competences: real-estate, IT, constructions, and retail,” said Vasileios Voulgaris – Partner TPG Group.

TPG Romania Group represents an entrepreneurial initiative that has been functioning on the local market since 2009 and that has evolved from the status of a niche financial consultancy company up to the point when it became a group of renowned and credible companies that offers its clients a large range of financial and connected services. Structured in three juridical entities - TPG Accounting, TPG Advisory and Balan TPG Audit, the TPG Group attends both multinational and local successful businesses, or start-ups, and the high client retention   rate represents the proof of the professionalism of every team member.

“TPG’s launch on the market came as a response to the more and more specific businessmen’s needs and, at the same time, the services that we are offering are addressing the most specific needs: from financial audit to financial consultancy, from accounting to goods’ management – just to offer some example. But, on such a competitive market, in which we have over 50,000 accountants and over 5,000 auditors, the main TPG Group’s plus is the profound knowledge over the fiscal and financial reality in Romania and its positioning in the right context, at the right time,” added Vasileios Voulgaris.

Ever since its launch, the company proposed itself to help the representatives of the local business environment to learn how to navigate the economic system, helping them find the best solutions and adapting their business to the market’s conditions.

Moreover, TPG gathered in its team professionals with vast experience and diverse backgrounds, the final objective being to find integrated solutions for the client in order for him to enhance his efficiency, to handle in a correct manner the costs and to better control his own business structure and operations. In other words said, the TPG Group offers its clients the necessary tools to achieving the most favorable company management.